Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I've been unable to write anything for quite some time now.
I know not why.
There are scores of thoughts swimming around in my head.
Swimming, floating, skimming the surface, delving deep into the waters.
Mangoes, fractals, Grey's Anatomy, love.
Rasgullas and Mishti Doi.
Vodka and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Thunder storms and learners' licenses.


Roshan George said...

Wait, stop. Why are you reading Gray's Anatomy anyway? And Vodka?!

Nowhere Man said...

Ha ha, I wish I could say I'm actually reading Gray's Anatomy. It's a show on TV which I'm somewhat hooked to, and haven't been able to watch for the last year, and can now watch because I'm back home and we have recently acquired Tata Sky :)
And is just nice :)

Daughter of the Night said...

Ha ha! The deterioration sets in. I knew it, from the time I visited your den of vice! Vodka now, who knows what else, next? *grins*

Ah, I know the feeling. Nothings coming. Lots of thoughts, but no output. Annoying.

Daughter of the Night said...

Good lord! just as I was posting the last comment, I heard the news reader say something about people dying of illicit alcohol consumption in 'the southern state of karnataka'!!!!

Samyuktha P.C. said...

Babe missing you, vodka, love, and the hungama. Gray's Anatomy is a great book, by the way.

p.s. drinking date on- invitation to the specific characters will be sent out!

Nowhere Man said...

G: Yeah, lots of people died because they consumed spurious liquor. For some strange reason, I rather like that word. Spurious. No suspicious activities have been on, really. Just some white rum and Tang, weird combination :)

Sam: It is? I must read it. Grey's Anatomy is probably not such a great show, but I'm hooked to it anyway :)

G and Sam: Missing you very much. A part of me is actually waiting for college to reopen.

Daughter of the Night said...

Yeah... I'm missing you all too. Despite the fact that I'm leaving for my trip tomorrow!!!

Gray's anatomy is sinfully fat, though. Don't let the size put you off!