Saturday, February 21, 2009

Welcome back :)

To me, that is. I've disappeared for almost a year now, and now I'm going to try getting around to this more regularly. As an opportunity to write, if nothing else.

As regards the events of the many months I've disappeared, there is too much to say. I've been happy for the most part. I have also discovered something about myself. I'm awfully lazy. I've done little apart from discovering the fact itself, but that's the first step, isn't it?

I'm rather presumptuous really, assuming anyone would want to read an update of the last year's happenings in Arundhathi's life, but oh well.

Music is going along quite well, but I simply do not practise enough. I had my first active December music season in 2008, and it was exciting, challenging, humbling.

I've watched lots of movies the last few months. Lots, by my standard at least. Some of them pretty silly ones, some of them very interesting. I'm no movie critic, the ones I found interesting might have been pretty silly, really.
For the lack of anything else to say, I will now list them out. Further comments will soon follow.
1) Get Smart
2) Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
3) Bachna Ae Haseeno
4) Rock On
5) Via Darjeeling
6) Atonement
7) The Great Debaters
8) The Darjeeling Limited
9) Wall E
10) Poi Solla Porom
11) Vaaranam Aayiram
12) Dostana
13) Ghajini
14) Luck By Chance
15) Dev D
16) Naan kadavul

I've been reading quite a bit too, though not as much as I would've liked to. I put that down to sheer laziness too. I must compile a list of books I've read the last few months too. Lists are convenient things, they put things things in perspective.

As a cheerful sign-off, I'll put in a complaint about the sore throat I've had for the last week. It's a horrid thing, especially if you're trying to sing! Thanks to several glasses of warm water, spoonfuls of honey, and three kinds of cough syrup, it is finally showing signs of abating. Hurray!


Isha said...

I read your postings, late, I admit, but I read them! And I owe you a mail, I KNOW :( just know your ex-girlfriend loves you lots and lots :)

Daughter of the Night said...

Finally, a new post. I know it's taken me some time to come here and read it, but that's because I've got so used to coming here and seeing nothing new.

Love you lots.

Let's see that list of books, then!

Hug... from one lazy bum to another!