Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have an appointment with a dentist this evening. Dentists are so...clean. It's unnerving, really.
And to make matters worse, this is a new dentist. And to him I shall have to unravel the adventures of Arundhathi's teeth. Not looking forward to it.

Otherwise, things go on as usual. There's only a month of college left now before the semester exams begin. It's funny how awfully quickly this year has passed by.

The weather is actually pretty pleasant now, by Madras standards. My mum says Bangalore is hotter, and that's suprising, seeing as this is Madras, and Bangalore is...well, Bangalore.

Double-sided tape does not seem to work well on walls in Madras. I think the humidity's the problem.

True to my word, I've eaten no chocolates these last few weeks. I have, however, compensated that by eating lots of sweets.

The watermelons are back.
Present moods: empty, still, dreading afore mentioned dentist appointment.

I think I'll go drink some tea now.

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