Friday, February 15, 2008


K, or Jiddu Krishnamurti, was quite a remarkable man, really. However, despite being from a KFI, (Krishnamurti Foundation India) school (The Valley School, Bangalore), I must admit that I really haven't read much of his writing. A lot of it makes for pretty interesting discussion, though.
Yesterday, Shalini and Angy, who were visiting Madras, and I read a passage from a K book called 'Choiceless Awareness'. Something about the ego and searching for the 'eternal', or the 'timeless'. K says that to understand the 'eternal', one first needs to fully understand and be aware of the self. However, self-knowledge is not the path to the 'eternal'.
It's all rather confusing. Darshan, my senior at college, tells me often that I should search for the 'truth'. It's okay to do mathematics, he says, but it's far more important to look for the 'truth'. The other thing he often stresses is that this world is 'relative'. Nothing is real. True enough, The Beatles would've agreed with that part of it.
After a point, all these just become words to me. And to explain them, we use more words.
The ego.
Random ramblings on a Friday night.


Samyuktha P.C. said...

You should read some Wittgenstein. He actually talks about language and how it is the basis of meaning, knowledge, and therefore philosophy. K is really nice to read and the most beautiful thing about him is that one can openly disagree and argue with him. And not to forget, K is stunning and photogenic. He's probably one of the men in history I wouldn't mind meeting. However, he does not really listen that well. Sometimes, his videos give the impression that he cares to speak more than listen. An impression, that's all. Sitting and reading is always fun. Great.


p.s. money is important. I will never deny that. If that's what runs an economy and if one cannot live out of the economy, we need what runs it to run with it.

Nowhere Man said...

I agree completely with that part about Krishnamurti not being a good listener. That certainly is the impression his videos give me. And I don't think being part of a KFI school means I should agree with everything he says. That's what's rather nice, in fact, we aren't expected to accept everything said, but to discover things on our own.
I'm always sceptical about spiritual or philosophical 'leaders', and the same's the case with K. But I do regard in high esteem his views on education, as reflected in the schools.
Must read more of him. And Wittgenstein. The important thing is, as K says, to be 'aware' of things. :)